When To Watch the Ursid Meteor Shower In San Diego

Shooting stars over the Alps

Photo: Getty Images

Tuesday (December 21) marks the annual winter solstice across the world, but there's another spectacle happening now.

The Ursid meteor shower, which graces the Earth's skies every year, will be seen over San Diego on Tuesday, as well, according to Patch. Of course, how well you spot the stunning celestial moment depends on the weather.

The National Weather Service predicts a slight chance of showers Tuesday night into Wednesday morning (December 22). If you don't catch it Tuesday night, that's alright. Reporters say the minor meteor shower is likely to peak Wednesday morning, too -- there's still a chance!

The Ursid meteor shower runs from December 17 through December 26 each year, showing off five to 10 shooting stars an hour. While you can't see the solstice, as it's more of an astronomical occurrence with the Earth, what better way to celebrate the official changing of seasons with a meteor shower?

For all you star-seekers out there, Patch also grabbed this tidbit of information about Ursid from EarthSky.org:

"Ursid meteors radiate most near the star Kochab in the Little Dipper... The star Polaris — or the North Star — is also part of the Little Dipper. If you can't find the Little Dipper, use the Big Dipper. No matter what time of year you look, the two outer stars in the Big Dipper's bowl always point to Polaris, marking the end of the Little Dipper's handle."

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