Will She Testify?

The rollercoaster ride that is the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court took another twist as we found out that indeed Christine Blasey Ford is open to testify, just not on Monday, and only if the terms were fair and her safety could be ensured.  Ben Shrekinger, National Political Correspondent for Politico joins us for more details and also how those that know Ford and Kavanaugh are split in their support.

Next, we touch base again with Wilmington, North Carolina and see how people are coping in the aftermath of Florence. Flooding still persists and more may be on the way.  Some are just getting power back and others are just exhausted from the whole ordeal.  Alex Riley, reporter for the Wilmington Star News, fills us in on how the recovery efforts are going in an area hit hardest by the storm.

Finally, after the Sunspot Solar Observatory in New Mexico mysteriously closed earlier this month and scientists were evacuated, people were left wondering if dangerous solar flares were to follow or if aliens had anything to do with it.  Well we now know what happened.  The facility was closed due to an FBI investigation about child pornography.  We found out that the janitor was up to no good at night. Brianna Sacks, with Buzzfeed News joins us for all the details.



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